Features Of The Best Router

Are you a person who appreciates the good things in life? If you like nothing but the best, the settling for an ordinary router is not for you.

Though you may think opting for an expensive internet deal and high-speed internet is a good idea, there is more to it. While it is important to choose an excellent Internet Service Provider (ISP) we must understand that a router also plays a vital role in your internet connectivity.

With progressing technology, there some high end routers that are now available. It should be an obvious choice for someone who requires a high level of internet supply as well as those who like only the top end things.

The latest routers have some great features; some of them are as follows:

Dual Bandwidth: Off late the single bandwidth of 2.4GHz has become way too crowded for seamless connectivity. A dual band Wi-Fi of 5.2 GHz is now a great deal

Guest Network: If your home or office involves sharing your router with many others, having this feature is an amazing option. Your guest can get a separate channel, while your work can continue uninterrupted.

WPA Enterprise: When looking out for additional security, the WPA and WPA2 will not do. You must look for a router that has WPA enterprise.

Wireless Power Option: How cool is it when you can simply switch your router on and off without actually reaching the router. This is yet another ‘must-have’ feature on your router.

Antennas that are detachable: This gives you a more compact and sleek look along with increased flexibility and more directional options.

Gigabyte Ethernet: We all know that an Ethernet connection gives the most secure and fast internet service. With a Gigabyte Ethernet, it will make a huge difference when transferring heavy data files.

Data usage meter: This is helpful when you have a limited data internet package. You can keep track of the usage and control over charges.

USB Port: Share and transfer your files faster with an additional USB port on your router

There are many top end routers who might charge a higher price but will provide you with all these high-end features.


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