Losing Weight For Dress Shopping

Okay, I think I am really qualified to talk on this subject:

There was this time when I was binge eating like no one’s business and I had put on a whole lot of weight. I was going through some kind of an emotional phase and I know now that I have very vague memories about how I ended up there or what I was when I was inside it but I remember a hell lot of food that went into me then.

Obviously, the results were devastating:

When I did cope with my anxieties and insecurities, I was broken at the sight of what I had got myself into. I was beyond recognition and had put on oodles of weight. With a slow metabolism and antidepressants wrecking more havoc meant that I could not be steadfast in reducing my weight. The problem was also compounded by the fact that the weight was more concentrated in the abdomen and the thighs and so in spite of the best intentions, these parts always got highlighted even in the right fitting clothes.

Now, if you would have asked me if I wanted to buy more clothes then, you would have invited a smirk from me:

Why? Because I hated to be the size that I was! Besides, in my imagination, the fat thing that I was sauntering in my imagination in that lively dress that I saw at the window was terrifying. I wanted to be at least a decent size before I could collect the veracity to even enter a shop that sold smaller sizes. For now, I was only content with the plus-sized labels.

Hell, no! I wanted to dress up well but I kept procrastinating:

Then, I read this lovely article written by a wonderful person whom I personally know. In the article, she talks about how procrastinating buying clothes only because you are overweight is the worst thing to do. A perfect dressing does not just do a great service to yourself in telling the world that you are happy but it also helps you from slipping into depressions that can happen when you realize that the smaller clothes that you bought when you were dieting and it worked short term no longer fit you now. The article reiterated that you can do without such heartaches. It was heartening to read user reviews. I felt good knowing that there are more people like me and that kind of anchors you!…

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