Why Am I Losing Inches But Not Pounds?

Weighing yourself is a very significant part of your weight loss journey. Your body weight is something that makes you feel confident about yourself. As you step on the weighing scale in the morning, the less number makes you feel light and happy. If the scale moves to a higher number, you will develop a low esteem that spoils the mood of the whole day. So, what does your increasing weight really mean and how measuring body weight is important when you are on a weight loss plan? The body weight includes the weight of bones, muscles, water, fat and organs. If your body weight is more because of the weight of bones or muscles it does not mean that you are overweight. Your body weight is also not constant throughout the days as you eat and drink throughout the day.

Weight loss programs help you effectively shed the water weight in the first weeks of following them. Programs like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers help you lose weight at a steady rate and make you feel lighter towards the end. They are able to offer the weight loss you wanted through their effective foods and do not make the exercise mandatory. Read the comparison article at Sona Creamery to know how these diet planners provide weight loss solutions.

Whether you are losing inches or pounds, your focus should be on the fat loss than the body weight. As you lose fat, you will be making lasting changes so that your body has less fat and more muscle. When you are on a weight loss journey, it is difficult to identify the actual weight loss result. Are you really losing weight because of your efforts or it is the result of changes in eating habits, hormone levels and water levels. You can detect it by checking the fitting of clothes, measuring the body with tape at different points and checking the level of fat in the body. Based on the result you can modify your weight loss goal.


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