Why Buying a Sex Toy Helped Me

I was bruised, tired and exhausted. It was baby blues all around and in place of relishing the ultimate joy of motherhood, what I felt was terrible pain, which left me no room to sit, stand or lie down. When I walked, I felt my stomach as a foreign body and my entire internal organs would fall down through the cuts.

The pains were adamant and threatened about the coming consequences

Everyone around me tried to soothe out my pain by telling this is a temporary phase and within a week, my bruises would heel and I would start feeling lighter and healthier. I abided and waited for one week, then two weeks, then three and like this, the waiting started to get longer.

A month passed and I felt the same thorny pains, heaviness in the lower part of my body and numbness. Making all these worse was that the urinal incompetence and tenderness continued to haunt me even after pregnancy. There was no treatment and I still had to wait.

Attending to nature’s call was still a nightmare and painful as the muscle stiffness refused to leave my body. The condition continued for about six months, when finally my neighbor who is a physiotherapist by profession, suggested using a sex toy. I searched online for the reliever of my pains and went through https://loveplugs.co/collections/animal-tails and more to finally reach to vibrators.

I came to know that this is something, which should be considered as a health toy rather than a sex toy. Though I was reluctant at first, I gave in finally and was surprised with its benefits.

My bruises healed soon and the tenderness improved a lot. The use of vibrators increases the blood flow to the surrounding tissues. Due to the improvement in vascular flow, the wound healing molecules act better and healing is achieved.

Urinal incompetence also left the premises and I became free from the pelvic floor exercises. Very soon, I found the old spark in me and I would credit the toy all the way.…

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